Keeping your eye on the prize

More often than not we get distracted. People start on the right path, determined with a plan of action then along the way we meet obstacles. Some of these obstacles seem coincidental,¬†others we create ourselves through habits that we may not want to let go of. They end up creating a web that gets you entangled such that you find yourself welling more on these rather than the main goal. There is therefore a need to be focused, to keep your eye on the prize and do things one at a time. 2nd reason we fail keep our eye on the prize is because we tend to multitask. Continue reading “Keeping your eye on the prize”

The Box

So this morning I woke thinking of that phrase “think outside the box.”And it had me thinking more about this “box”. For me, the box signifies those mental confines we cage ourselves into, those limitations that we impose on ourselves. The box comes about as a result of fear, past experiences, self doubt, negative self talk and in some cases a desperate need for approval from peers. More often than not these limitations deter us from reaching our goals. But today I’m here with good news everybody-YOU DONT HAVE TO STAY INSIDE THE BOX!!

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