Keeping your eye on the prize

Eye on the Prize

More often than not we get distracted. People start on the right path, determined with a plan of action then along the way we meet obstacles. Some of these obstacles seem coincidental, others we create ourselves through habits that we may not want to let go of. They end up creating a web that gets you entangled such that you find yourself welling more on these rather than the main goal. There is therefore a need to be focused, to keep your eye on the prize and do things one at a time. 2nd reason we fail keep our eye on the prize is because we tend to multitask.

Is it not best to expend maximum efforts and energies on one main purpose than to scurry in different directions attempting to do plenty. The problem with a multitasking approach is that you will fail to fulfil even one of the minor goals you are chasing. If you focus on one thing there will be fewer losses. Procrastination is the biggest problem when trying to accomplish goals. Work will never do itself,you need to get up and start working,stop procrastinating. Opportunities do not just lie in wait forever. Your opportunity to succeed will pass you by while you procrastinate to tomorrow. You have today so make good use of it.

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