of trees and falling..

keep climbing even after you fall!


falling from the tree
Oh no,I’m falling again!

As a child i loved to climb trees.This might be odd for a girl child but its true. There was a very tall chinkee apple tree at my old house.I cannot count the number of times i climbed up and sat on  the highest branches.It had one of these tasty round juicy delicious fruits.The tree was spiky and therefore it was not an easy climb.Not to mention the number of times i would fall or stumble trying to get to the top.All that mattered was getting the juicy fruit.Now i cannot even go halfway up that tree.Mostly because as soon as i look down I get this intense feeling of fear of falling!In my earlier years I could make it up because i wasn’t afraid of the falling or of the scars i would get.

Likewise we often fail to go up in different areas of our lives because we keep looking down instead of up. We keep going back to old fears and insecurities, dwelling on them.The beauty of looking up instead of down is that it sets us free.Free to check the new challenges,enjoy the process of overcoming them. It enables us to formulate strategies and anticipate oncoming obstacles.

Instead of constantly beating yourself up over a mistake that has long since passed, analyze where you are now.What opportunities are available at present? How can you make them work to get  from point A to point B?.Keep in mind that glittering fruit you are aiming for.

I have started using this train of thought myself lately and i am seeing results. Not only does it give me more confidence but it also keeps my mind working. As i navigate my way through day to day work i give myself small challenges and set small sub goals.The little things brought together produce for me the bigger picture.There is a chance to see progress if you look up ahead instead of behind you.Success is just as much about the climb as it is about the end game.And remember even if you fall, rise again and climb that tree.The fruit is not going to grab itself!!

.Keep in mind that glittering fruit you are aiming for


Keep looking up!



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