The Box

Think outside the box

So this morning I woke thinking of that phrase “think outside the box.”And it had me thinking more about this “box”. For me, the box signifies those mental confines we cage ourselves into, those limitations that we impose on ourselves. The box comes about as a result of fear, past experiences, self doubt, negative self talk and in some cases a desperate need for approval from peers. More often than not these limitations deter us from reaching our goals. But today I’m here with good news everybody-YOU DONT HAVE TO STAY INSIDE THE BOX!!

Think about it for a minute being stuck in a literal box can be terrifying. No  matter how big the box is, or how comfortable it may seem inside that box, eventually you will want out. So I asked myself this very question I’m posing to you right now. Why stay inside the box if there is more out there?
I’ve made a conscious decision to not only think outside the box but to get out of it. The thing is it has to be a personal choice, no one can get you out of the box. You have to get up and find your way out! That idea you’ve been doubting so much try it out. That job you’ve been forever afraid to apply for, go ahead and do it. Imagine how much you stand to gain by letting yourself out of the box. After all is it not better to try and learn a lesson than to not have tried at all? Opportunity waltzes with those already on the dance floor I believe. So I’m just here to challenge somebody to open your mind and let the ideas soar. There is no time like the present to start living the life you want and always dream of…

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